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040 How to Properly Introduce Your Podcast Guest

Oct. 3, 2017

Don’t you hate it when someone get’s your name wrong?

Introductions can ruin a first impression not only for the introducer but also for the introducee. And when you’re hosting a podcast, introducing your guest wrong doesn’t look good on you and it certainly isn’t going to set you up to knock the interview out of the park.

But getting your guest’s name right is only one teensy tiny part of having a killer guest intro.  

I promised to do this episode back at Episode 19...one of my most listened to episodes so I thought I’d better get at it.  What? I’m only 20 episodes late.  Jeeeesh.

You’ve waited long enough and now here are the goods. In this episode, I share the formula for a perfect guest intro. *Spoiler* It ain’t long.

It may not seem like rocket science - and it’s not - but introducing your guest can go horribly wrong if you don’t put any effort into it. A lot of podcasters put time and effort into the body of their episode and never think about getting out of the gate cleanly.

As part of my oreo cookie analogy of scripting your podcast (Episode 010), your guest is part of the hard crunchy cookie part. Make it solid. Script this bitch so you get it right. Get in, out and on with the show.

In radio, usually because we are limited by the clock, a guest introduction is done in one sentence. You can spend a little more time on it in your podcast but that’s where so many go wrong.

In this episode, I reveal a number of mistakes that podcasters make so you can avoid them. And not just so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your guest (or make them question why they agreed to be on this clown-show) but because your listener deserves better. Yep, it always comes back to your listener.

No matter the format for your show, use these tips and my formula for a perfect guest intro and  you’ll be sounding more like a pro, in 3 sentences or less.

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