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044 How to Create a 'Best Of' Podcast

Nov. 28, 2017

Do you have any ‘best of’ albums? They’re great, right? So, why not give your listeners nothing but the hits by creating a ‘Best Of’ episode?

A ‘best of’ episode is pretty self explanatory - you take the most impactful or magical moments of your podcast and slap them together for a show chock full of the good stuff. There are a few really good reasons to do this and you can get surprising results - if you do it right. In this episode I reveal why you should do one and how to pull it off.

I might be dating myself here but I used to love buying ‘best of albums’ from my favourite musicians or bands. I got the cream of the crop all in one shiny disc. Even if I had all of the other albums - I still loved having the best of the best all in one place. It was smart for the artist too because they were either selling the same song twice to fans or giving potential new fans a way to fall in love with them.

It’s the same with podcasts. You take the best parts of past episodes and stitch them to make a new episode. And, as we head into the holidays and the new year, now is the perfect time to do it. Especially if you want to take some time off over the holidays or you’re having trouble convincing guests to give you time right now. This is a trick we used to use all the time around the holidays. It was something we could produce ahead of time so we could take time off without leaving our listeners without content (looking for a replacement!). And, want to know a secret? The audience loves it. They love reliving their favourite moments or hearing something GOLD that they may have missed. Plus, new listeners get to sample only the good stuff - like filling your plate with meat and dessert and never having to even pretend to consider those stupid Brussel sprouts.

But, beware! You can get this wrong. If you don’t pick the right stuff, fail to string it together cohesively or you do it too often, the result could be the opposite from what you intend - your listener might feel like you’re being lazy or taking them for granted.

In this episode, I go over when you should be putting out a best of episode and how often. Also, how to pick the material to use by using different approaches. I’ll also give you a handy way to move forward so your next best of show produces itself.

I’ve put together these tips for you so that you can pull this off the right way and reap all of the benefits of a good ‘best of’ show. It’s my little gift to you  - a perfectly produced best of show that warms the heart of your audience, attracts new listeners and gives you a much deserved break.

Here’s the best of my advice - go listen to it now.

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