Just the Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

045 How to Set Killer Goals for Your Podcast

Dec. 12, 2017

What has your podcast done for you lately?

Measuring success can be difficult without realistic goals. Like driving without a map, having a podcast without goals can have you podcasting in circles. Fun for a while but then a bit pointless.

So let me ask you - do you remember why you started your podcast in the first place? Did you have a goal? Does your podcast have a goal?

Maybe your goal is sheer numbers - which is great if you just want to feel loved. But, if you want to do something with those numbers, you better know what all those downloads are for (and how many you need for them to get you what you want). If you want conversions, make sure your podcast includes the tools or tactics it needs to make that happen. Knowing what you want out of your podcast can help you reverse engineer each episode for maximum effectiveness.

And, every podcast you do without knowing your goals is opportunity lost. Each time you record without a mini goal or call to action that supports your bigger goal, you're throwing away an episode. That one episode could have been the Willy Wonka bar with the golden ticket...but you didn’t even bother to look.

In this episode I’ll give you tips on how to set goals for your podcast. We’ll reverse engineer your goals into podcast. Then, I give you 3 easy steps to make sure your next episode is getting you closer to reaching your podcast goals.

So, before you hit record and start blabbing away about what it is you blab about. Take 5 minutes and get clear on what exactly you want out of this podcast thing you do (you may have forgotten, since you started). That way, you’ll actually be able to answer that question we podcasters keep asking ourselves (why the hell am I doing this?!?) and not spend your time hosting a pity-party in your pajamas pouting about podcasting. Now, press play.

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