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048 How Perfectionism is a Problem for your Podcast

Feb. 6, 2018

Hands up if your podcast is perfect.

If your hand is up then you are either being a smart ass, totally delusional or both. Nobody’s podcast is perfect - me included. And, that’s okay.

In this episode of the Just the Tip, I talk about how perfectionism can get in your way and that sometimes, good enough is, well, good enough. This was a hard lesson for me to learn. I was raised to strive for perfect. I always thought ‘good enough’ was a lazy man’s way out of trying harder.

And, I’ll admit it, it hurts my ego a little bit when people point out my imperfections. And, they sometimes do. But, in this episode, you’ll find out how I got over my need to be perfect and why you should too.

So, whether you have a podcast that you labour over or you’re just starting out and trying to create something amazing, I’m here to tell you - perfect ain’t worth it.

Now, don’t get me wrong - this is not full license to produce crap. There’s still one very good reason to keep getting better and to have some pride in production.  I’ll tell you what that reason is in this episode as well.

And, I’ll tell you the three questions you need to answer when you’re trying to determine if a production is ready to be released or whether you need to do a little more work on it. If you have a tendency to perfectionism, these three simple questions that will free you from your ego and hours of tinkering.

My goal with this episode is to help you find the creamy middle between shitsville and perfectionist’s paralysis. If we can find that for you, then your podcast will continuously get better, will serve your audience, and will be a hell of a lot more fun to produce.

Join me as we kick perfectionism in the ass! Step 1: press play and listen.

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