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049 How Much Time Should You Budget for Podcasting?

Feb. 20, 2018

Is podcasting a giant time-suck? It certainly feels like that for a lot of podcasters.

So, are they doing it wrong? Are you doing it wrong? Probably not.  In this episode, I breakdown where all that podcasting time goes and what kind of time you should be budgeting for each episode.

Warning to new podcasters - this might be hard to hear. But, you need to hear it because the time commitment is no small thing.

It’s a reality that for some reason, not a lot of podcasters talk about. It’s definitely something that most newbies are naive about. But, we’re going to change that (and maybe help a few of you silently suffering podcasters know that you’re not alone - and you’re probably not doing it wrong).

I’m not talking about starting a podcast. That’s a whole different thing. In this episode, I’m giving you a reality check on the time you’ll need to create each episode of your podcast once your podcast has been launched and you’re up and running.

I’m not pulling back the curtains to scare any of you off, by the way - this is all about giving you a reality check so that you can be realistic when it comes to budgeting time for your podcast. If you know how much time to set aside each week or month, then your podcast has a much better chance of making it past episode 10.

Of course, it depends on the length and format of your show. But, there are some things that are most likely to suck up your time each episode. From researching to writing, recording, editing and promoting, the hours add up quickly. Pile a few more hours on if you’re trying to create something really great or really firing up the promotions jets.

In this episode, I’ll give you the time tally on creating a standard 30 minute podcast. Plus, I’ll explain what could push this time up. Plus, I’ll share how some smart podcasters are minimizing their efforts with a few production tricks - leaving more time for you to listen to my podcast, think about gifts you could buy me or work on that song about me you’ve been thinking about. Can you please stop putting those things off...FOCUS!

Okay, how much time do YOU think it takes to create a solid 30 minute podcast? Listen to my thoughts and then share yours with me on Facebook or drop me an email.

The more we talk opening about the time it takes, and the more we realistically we budget our time, the more joy we can have in the creative process.

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