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050 How Greed Can Hurt Your Podcast

March 6, 2018

Don’t be a sell out!

No, I’m not talking about never accepting money from a sponsor or selling ads on your podcast. I’m talking about treating your audience like a commodity.

I get it. You worked hard to build your audience and you’re a starving podcaster making pennies (if you’re lucky). But, now that you’ve earned all of these listeners, don’t risk losing them by selling out.  

In this episode, I’ll give you a VERY clear (and, unsubscribe-worthy) example of how one podcaster let greed and the desire to make money as a podcaster totally destroy his integrity and his listener’s trust. Oh, it was bad.

And, I tell you the one SUPER popular marketing technique that could land you in the exact situation - pimping out your audience and pissing them off in a big way.

Plus, I tell you the one question you need to ask yourself before committing to any kind of promotional content.  Here’s a hint: Bad things happen when you stop thinking about your listener first.

I know that everyone in the podcasting world is constantly telling you that it’s all about the hustle. Here’s the thing about hustle, you don’t want it showing. Nobody wants to feel hustled.

Seriously… did you subscribe to this podcast just so I could hustle you. Rhetorical questions… the answer is Hell NO! So, if you don’t love that feeling then you can guess how your audience will feel if you do it to them.

Hold on to your reputations, honor your audience and say no to the desire to sell out.

Now, if you don’t know who your audience is, check out Episode 37: Who Are You Talking To? It is my most popular episode for good reason. And if that doesn’t clarify things then, grab my 30 Days to a Better Podcast coaching package and we’ll figure it out together.

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Now, go on. Hit play… you’ve got a lot of listening to do!

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