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052 How to Build a Better Relationship with your Listener

April 3, 2018

Hey you. Yeah, you. I’m talking to you. If you’ve listened to my podcast before then you know that I’m always talking to you. Just you. Wanna know why?

If you want to build a better relationship with your listener, you need to be talking to them individually. I’ve talked about this before (give episode 29 a listen) but I’m bringing it back up today for two very good reasons.

One, I was inspired by an interview I heard with a radio industry veteran who was retiring after 50 years on the radio. 50 YEARS! You don’t get to be on the radio for 50 years unless you build a relationship with your audience. He mentioned in this interview that he felt a real connection with each and every listener. And, he knows they feel that way too.

His secret? You guessed it - he always talked to just one listener.

In the podcast biz (especially in the podcast for profit biz) we get caught up in a lot of these digital marketing tricks to convert more listeners. This episode is here to remind you that the real ‘trick’ to converting listeners into customers comes down to good old fashioned customer service - and that means talking to your listener on a personal level.

Think you can do that? I know you can. And, I also know that once you do, you’ll see a big improvement in the relationship you have with your audience.

Nothing beats 1:1 connections. That’s why my 30 Days to a Better Podcast is just you and me working together to make your podcast awesome.

Connect with me today and in just one month, you’ll have a better podcast - guaranteed.

Here’s a link to the full CBS interview with Don Imus:


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