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053 Warning: You Might be a Lazy Podcaster

April 17, 2018

Time for a reality check - have you become a lazy podcaster? Are you phoning it in? Are you making bad decisions and blaming it on your busy-ness or (even worse) justifying it under the guise of ‘efficiency’.

It happens to the best of us. We get busy, our ambitious podcasting schedule suddenly feels overwhelming and, sometimes, we feel like nobody is actually listening or cares. And then it happens. We get lazy.

You might be shaking your head right now, thinking, ‘that ain’t me…’  Well, this podcast is for you. Take this quiz - answer the 7 questions I have for you in this episode to determine if you’re a lazy podcaster or not.

Whether you’re starting to slip (making only 1 - 2 of these lazy mistakes) or in a freefall (making 6 - 7 of these mistakes), you need to step it up. Why? Because your audience will notice. And, who are you doing this for if not for your audience.

There’s another reason not to get lazy. Producing a good podcast. You want to right? You didn’t start out doing this to get worse as time went on, did you? Right, so let’s nip these lazy habits in the bud and get back to producing great podcasts that serve your audience (and you can be proud of).

By the way, if you discover that you are a lazy podcasters and you don’t know what to do next, there are a couple of ways I can help out.

  1. Take editing off of your list. If the source of your laziness is that you just don’t have enough time, let me give you a bit of that back. I have a range of editing packages to choose from.
  2. Get a podcast coach. Sometimes we get lazy because we’re a little lost and question if we’re going in the right direction. My 30-Days to a Better Podcast will help you figure out what you’re doing right and wrong, and how you can fix it. I can even give you some time saving production suggestions to help keep the ball rolling. If we start today, by next month, you’ll be a re-energized podcaster with a better show.

Let me know how you did in my Lazy Podcast Quiz. Are you guilty of a just a bit of laziness or are you fully phoning it in? Fess up on my Facebook page.

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