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054 Why Your Podcast Needs More Feeling

May 1, 2018

How does your podcast make your listener feel?

If you just shrugged your shoulders, we have a problem. Here’s a newsflash - your audience wants to have an emotional reaction to your show. They want to feel something.  If they get to the end of your podcast and nothing… well, don’t count on them coming back (or bothering to contact you for whatever service you’re promoting).

In this episode of Just the Tip, I share the one question you can ask to help your interviews resonate better with your listeners. Yep, just one simple question that will take your interview from dry and boring to deep and moving.

Be honest, which would YOU rather listen to? Of course you’re going to pick the not boring option! Who wants to listen to dry and boring? Nobody!

That’s why I’m sharing this tip - this one question that can transform your interview skills. By asking this one question, your guest is going to be more relatable and their message is going to mean more.

Now, if you’re a solo podcaster, don’t fret. I’ve got a trick for you too. This tip will help you find a deeper level of connection in your own storytelling and make you more personable to your audience.

Wow, right? One question can do all of that? Yes, indeed. So, don’t miss out. Hit play and then hit me up on social media or email and let me know how this episode made you feel.

Speaking of feelings, if your podcast journey is making you feel angry, anxious, frustrated or confused - take advantage of my free 15 minute coaching call. But remember, I’m not a psychiatrist… I’m just a podcast coach.

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