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057 What's an Energy Mirror and How Can it Help Your Podcast?

June 19, 2018

Are you using the energy mirror technique to make sure your podcasts are consistent, engaging and on-brand? No? Then you better take a good look at yourself and your podcast.

The energy mirror technique is not a random word jumble as you may have guessed if you heard my last episode. (There really was a brilliant idea scribbled on that dried up sticky note!)

This technique is used by some of the best broadcasters in the biz. It’s primarily for podcasters who interview guests on their show. It’s particularly powerful for podcasters because often we can’t see our guests as we interview them - and more importantly, they can’t see us. And, when we only have audio to go off of, we can sometimes miss important cues. This is when the energy of the show suffers.

‘Energy’ is a critical part of your show - it can inspire listeners to sit up and pay attention or it can make them tune out (or turn it off). You want to make sure your show’s energy is doing the former and not the latter. That’s why it’s important to be consistent with your energy from episode to episode (and even from beginning to end). This can be a challenge with guests because you can’t control what they bring to the table.

Or, can you?

You guessed it -- energy mirror. Find out more about what this is and how to use it. We’re talking about a technique that will take some practice to master but when you do, your podcast will sound better, your audience will love you more, and you’ll be a kickass podcast ninja!

Stop reflecting on this - click play now!

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