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061 Why in the World are You a Podcaster?

Sept. 5, 2018

Why do you podcast? Seriously, why? I’m not being smug (for a change). I want you to seriously think about this question.

There’s a good chance that you knew the answer to this question when you started your podcast. Hopefully, you took the time when you started to figure out why in the world you wanted to become a podcaster! Maybe it was because you wanted to promote your business, try out a new marketing technique, establish yourself as a thought leader, have a reason to buy a giant microphone and cover your closet wall in foam. Maybe it was even ‘because I want to be cool like Tim Wohlberg.’ Legit reason. They’re all legit.

And what about now? Is this still why you do it? Do you even know why you podcast anymore?

Seriously, WHY?

This is the question I ask all of my new coaching clients. It’s step one. Sometimes, it’s step two and three.

But, I always start there because the answer - the real answer - should inform everything you do in your podcast. Seriously. This is the one question to rule them all.

Precious. My precious.

Don’t believe me? Plug some headphones into your earballs and let me explain. This episode is all about reconnecting with your ‘why’ and what to do if you’ve lost your way.

Speaking of which, if you need some help peeling all of the layers of the why-onion, I’m here. I promise not to cry. Or, at least not a lot. Well, maybe just not in an ugly blubbering kind of way. Okay, so just silent sobbing while we peel your why-onion. Sound like fun? Oh yeah! Grab my 30 Days to a Better Podcast coaching package and even if there are a few tears, I guarantee you’ll have a better, more purposeful podcast in the end.

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