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068 Your Podcast is not Safe - How to Protect it from Being Pulled

Dec. 11, 2018

My podcast disappeared from iTunes. Poof. Gone. No warning. Just gone. Can you imagine if every episode you ever painstakingly created just … vanished.

That feeling in your chest right now is pretty much how I felt when I got a friendly tweet letting me know that my podcast had disappeared from iTunes (aka Apple Podcasts). And, yes, I found out from a tweet - not from Apple.

So, after a moment of WTF!?! I went to work in getting it back online.

I found out that I was in no way alone in this plight. Lots of podcasters have been finding that their podcast can no longer be found. Apple Podcasts has been cracking down on keyword-stuffers. Especially, those who do it in one particular part of their listing.

Guilty. And, busted. But, in my defense, this was considered a good SEO strategy up until a few months ago. And, a lot of podcasters were doing and are still doing it. Some don’t even know the ax is about to fall. Could you be next?

One thing I want to be clear about is that you don’t need to panic. Sure, iTunes serves (on average) 65% of your listeners but that doesn’t mean that you’re dead in the water. Not by a long shot.

In this podcast, I’ll explain what I did wrong, how I got caught, how I fixed it, and then why Apple still wouldn’t reinstate me. And, how I fixed that too. You’ll also discover why I’m happy that my show is distributed by Libsyn and stoked that listeners like @Stargatepioneer miss me when I disappear.

Now that I’m back in Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes), I’m happy to share the roadmap to getting back online.

And, I’m happy to help you avoid getting your podcast pulled in the first place. Because, once you get pulled you’ll be surprised to discover what else they find wrong! Best to stay under the radar and make these changes before you have to.

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Resources listed in this episode:

Episode 20 - The S*%T Episode.

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[email protected]

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