Just the Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

070 Will Your Podcast Be Out in 3 Strikes?

Jan. 8, 2019

You’ve got maybe a minute to convince a listener to keep listening. This is not a newsflash. But, do you know what three things are likely to stop them in their podcast enjoyment tracks and exit out before you get to minute 2?

I do. Because I don’t have a lot of patience for crappy podcasts.

In this episode of Just the Tip, I share my 3 strike rule. The three things that if you do them in the first minute of your show, will piss me off so much, I will leave you and NEVER  come back. I’m out!

And, frankly, if you get any of these strikes, I won’t give you the benefit of listening long enough to see if you deserve any more. Yep, I said it, I might only give you one strike before I’m out.

But, it’s not about me (I might not even be your target audience). These strikes are universally so podcast-sinful that any listener with leave you and go find someone else to fill their podcast needs.

If you’re not seeing your audience grow… the first 60 seconds is the first place you need to look for the cause.

Not only do I tell you what you should do in the first 60 seconds, I also explain why. (Double hint: Episode 4 & #listenersrule aka every episode I’ve ever published)

So, if you want to grow your audience, treat your listeners like gold from minute-1, and NOT piss me off, listen to this podcast and avoid getting three strikes.

In just 5-minutes, you’ll learn what you need to know to get listener sticking around for minute-2 and behind. Go now and listen. Go on witchya.

Oh, no! Your podcast has three strikes! If you want some help fixing that, let’s talk. You can book a 15-minute free consulting call with yours truly. Or, jump right in and let’s get to work making your first 1 minute rock solid, your content totally cruiseable and your last minute demanding action. That’s what we can do in my 30-Days to a Better Podcast Coaching package. Grab it here.

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