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072 My Top Tips for Podcasters Recording on the Road

Feb. 5, 2019

So, you’re hitting the road and you want to take your podcast with you. Well, you’re in luck because I love to travel and I know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do to record decent audio on the go.

A lot of podcasters need to record audio on the road. And my tip is DON’T. Seriously, if you don’t need to, as in, if with just a little bit of planning and organization you could record before you go on vacation then do that. Seriously, if you’re just going on vacation for a week don’t bring your podcast along. You’re only going to annoy your family, turn off your listeners by irrelevantly bragging about where you are (instead of enjoying it) and, take it from me… getting sand out of a windsock is a real bitch.

If, on the other hand, you are often on the road, you’re a digital nomad, or your podcast is about being on the road - then let’s get down to some tips on how to get a consistent sound wherever you and your mic find yourselves.

Your Listener Should Not be Able to Hear that You’re on the Road.

In this episode, I weigh out the options I considered about how much gear to bring (ranging from nothing to my entire studio). I also test out a few mic options (you’ll never believe what won out!) and share live sound tests so you can hear the difference a room can make.

I’ll even share my favourite, act like you’re 4 years old’ trick, that will vastly improve your recording. Plus, it’s so much fun!

So, if you’re location-independent, a travel podcaster, or just too damned busy to pre-record enough shows to cover off your vacation - this episode is for you. Time for the mobile podcast.

Speaking of being too busy, why not off-load something… like say editing. Did you know that I edit podcasts? Yes, even from the road. If you want to find out how you can ship your podcast editing off to me, visit my website or sign up for a free 15-minute call and we can chat about it.


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