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076 - Five Big Mistakes Co-Hosts Make in Podcasting

April 2, 2019

You’ve got a co-host - that’s great. It makes creating the podcast so much more fun and easier too, right? Bad news - there’s a much higher chance that you’re effing it up because two hosts means double the chances you’re getting it wrong.

Translation, your listeners are suffering. They’re being subjected to bad audio, uncomfortable silences, unnecessary babbling and, sometimes awkwardness that is leaking right through their headphones and gumming up their earballs.

Now, let me be clear about one thing - a podcasting duo can be a beautiful thing. Afterall, most radio morning shows have two hosts for a reason. The witty banter, the potentially comically pseudo conflict, the friendship that we can all feel like we’re a part of.

That’s what a co-hosted podcast should be like. Unfortunately, many podcasters don’t know the ‘rules’ of co-hosting.

Never fear, daddy podcasting is here to help you (and your podcasting partner) be better co-hosts.

Here are the 5 mistakes podcast co-host make:

  1. Sharing a mic
  2. Talking overtop of each other
  3. Shutting your co-host down with your negative responses
  4. Not having a bus driver
  5. Over preparing together (aka killing the spontaneity)

I go into detail on each of these in this episode, so definitely give it a listen.

Remember the Golden Rule of Podcasting

It’s not about you. Whether you have a co-host or not, you have to remember that your podcast is for your listener. So, if you are working with a partner, make sure that you remember to include them in the conversation.

After all, isn’t that why you decided not to go solo - so that it would feel more like a party or a conversation. Don’t make your listener feel like a wallflower, pull them into the dance.

If you avoid my top 5 mistakes, you’re definitely more likely to do that. And, if they feel like they are part of the party, they’re more likely to invite their friends and connect with you beyond the downloads.

And, I hope that’s just the tip you need.

If you need a little help working out the co-hosting kinks, take advantage of my FREE 15 minute coaching call. In 15-minutes, we can turn your show from a two-way to a podcast orgy that your listeners will be dying to get in on.

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