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078 Why and How to Add Man-on-the-Street Interviews

April 30, 2019

This tactic has been used by radio and television for decades to make a story more relevant and compelling. Should you be using it in your podcast too?

I love talking to strangers. There, I said it. I’m that guy. I will walk right up to you and ask the most inane question or share the strangest observation - whatever is on my mind - because I just can’t get enough of conversations with new people.

That might make me weird, but it’s served me well in my radio career (not so much my marriage). You see, radio station love to get the pulse of the people. Whenever a story is falling flat or the expert is a bit dry, we add the opinions of random humans off the street. Why? Because it reflects what people think, it shows that we care about the listener (yes, they are on the street), and because it gives us the opportunity to respond to new opinions.

That’s a pretty powerful storytelling tool, wouldn’t you say?

Good news! You can use it in your podcast too!

In this episode, I share exactly how to do these right. That includes ways to avoid getting turned down stranger after stranger and how to NOT get manhandled by security guards or reported as some weirdo disturbing the peace.

Now, don’t go getting nervous. It’s easier than you might think. And, with my tips, you’ll be hitting the streets like a real pro. Hmmm, something about that sentence sounds wrong. Oh, well. Moving on.

Take advantage of this great storytelling technique, inject some real opinions into your podcast, and discover how much closer it brings you to your audience. Plus, there’s a bonus tip about how doing streeters could help you grow your audience!

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