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081 Why you Need Good Episode Titles for your Podcast

June 18, 2019

Confession time. Are you being lazy with your episodes titles? Are you naming them with as much consideration as say a file name? If you are, then you’re missing opportunities!

Episode title names aren’t fun. They’re not sexy. They seem so inconsequential. And frankly, they seem so insignificant compared to the content, the performance and all of the technical stuff that we deal with as podcasters.

Make no mistake. Your episode titles matter. A lot. And, if you’re simply slapping a basic description like, “Eps 0112 Interview Bill Smith” than you are doing your podcast a disservice.

I mean, that’s assuming that you want people to find your podcast, and listen to it… I’m making an assumption here that you actually want your podcast to be heard and to grow. If not, feel free to stop reading (and listening to my podcast). Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

I’ve seen some bad examples of this while browsing through Apple Podcasts. I click on a podcast because it seems interesting, then I look at their long list of episodes and if nothing catches my eye, I move on. I’m not unusual (at least, not in my podcast browsing behaviour). Lots of people do this.

A few weeks ago, I had someone take me up on my offer of a free 15-minute coaching call and she was concerned about the lack of growth in her podcast. We took a look at her podcast titles and the problem was immediately obvious. Every title was a total snooze-fest devoid of any real information that would inspire a potential listener to click. What an easy thing to fix!

In this episode, I’m going to further explain why you really do need to pay attention to each title. Plus, I’ll give you three tips to help you craft really great podcast titles that will help your podcast get found, and convince listeners to click play. And, do it with integrity.  

These tips are especially important if you are podcasting for your business. If your podcast is part of your marketing strategy (you’re using it to build your authority, grow your potential customer base, and share what you do) then you may be seriously limiting your reach just by phoning in your title.

And, if you are using your podcast as a marketing tool, let’s talk. Whether you’re pre-launch or hundreds of episodes in, I’d love to talk to you about how my coaching services can help you get to that next level in building your business with podcasting. Book your FREE 15-minute coaching call here. http://podcastperformancecoach.com/free-podcast-advice/

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