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082 - Music Matters

July 2, 2019

What does your music say about your podcast? If the only thing a listener had to go on, would they guess your podcast genre and target audience?

All too often podcasters go about picking their music all wrong. Here’s the first mistake - they pick something that they like (and then they play too much of it) and never really consider if it’s telling the right story for their show. 

The second mistake is that they hunt down free podcast music. Or, they precure it in a not-so-legit way. Do you really want to limit yourself here - you’re going to have to listen to this music a lot (especially if you’re editing or at least listening to your podcast like you should. )

You want your music to be on brand and attract your ideal audience. Is it doing that? Be honest. 

The third mistake podcasters make with their music is not picking a versatile enough track. You want a piece of music that does more than one thing. With the right piece of music, you can get an intro plus bumpers, sounders, earcons / earmarks, extro beds… yes, you want all of those things even if you don’t know what they mean. Essentially, you want music that does it all. 

By now, you’re probably getting the sense that your music is a big part of your podcast. Good! 

Finding Great Podcast Music

In this episode, I explain why it’s so important, how you can get the most out of a great piece of music and where to find royalty free podcast music. I even give you some time saving tips on how to search through those mountains of podcast tracks without totally losing your mind! 

Whether you’re just starting out with podcasting or you’re realizing that your music might need a tune up, this episode will help you develop a show with sweet, sweet sound. 

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