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083 Are You Really Serving Your Listener Every Episode?

July 16, 2019

Be honest. Do you think about your listener every single show? You should! It’ll make your podcast better and it’ll be better for business.

If you’re new here, let me clarify. I subscribe to the idea that podcasting should be listener-centric. Meaning - everything on and about the podcast is for the listener. 

There are no exceptions. Well, unless you want to suck. In which case, my show is not for you. 

If you are podcasting for business, this is especially true because when you serve your listener, you serve your business. I explain this little bit of logic in this episode but let’s assume you’re on board with being listener centric and you’re ready to start serving your audience. 

Here’s how to be sure that each episode serves your listener. 


  1. Know who they are! If you haven’t figured out who you’re talking to, you can’t possibly serve them. If you need help getting to know your listener, direct your earballs to this
  2. Educate and help them. You know the struggles they face - you chose them as an audience so you could solve their problems. So, solve them. Share the info you have. Give them ways to overcome their challenges. Arm them with amazing insights and ideas to keep them moving toward their goals. Give them a valuable takeaway every time they listen. Be their guide, their mentor, their friend. 
  3. Entertain them. If they wanted boring instructions they’d read a book. Serve your listener by being fun to listen to. Now, there are varying levels of ‘entertaining’ and I’m not suggesting you have to be Jim Carey in the Mask (yes, I’m that old). But take the time to put the information together in a presentable and entertaining way. Yes, that does mean you have to prep a little… and probably edit a little. Keep the show moving and don’t waste their time.
  4. Engage them. A lot of people are surprised that I include the CTA in my listener-centric approach. “Isn’t the CTA about me?” No. The Call To Action is helping your listener take the next step beyond just listening. If you run a business where you actually help people or sell something that works and is of value, then helping someone get closer to that resource is helping them. And the best part is - it’s helping you too. 

If you’re not serving your listener, you’re serving yourself. Who wants to listen to that?

I really can’t say this enough. If you’ve got a podcast that you are using as a way to grow your authority, build your ‘know, like, and trust’ factor, or introduce the value of your products, you HAVE to focus on your listeners needs first. Otherwise, it’s just a commercial and we all know what people with commercials. 


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