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088 Is it Time to Pivot Your Podcast for Greater Success?

Sept. 24, 2019


Be honest. Is your podcast delivering the results you expected when you committed the time and money to creating it? Are you considering taking it for coffee and gently explaining, “It’s not you, it’s me…”?

If you’re not getting what you wanted out of this whole podcast affair, it may be time to shift your approach. Or, maybe something even more dramatic. In episode 066 of Just the Tip, I give you a few options on how to deal with a lacklustre podcast (or a lack of energy to keep it going). 

So, how do you know if it’s time to shift, relaunch or reinvent your podcast? 

If your podcast is just for fun, then there is only one real question to ask. Are you still having fun? If yes → keep going. If no → stop. If you don’t know → listen to this episode. 

For entrepreneurs and business owners who are using their podcast as a marketing tool, there are some key questions you need to ask before you pivot. The first relates back to the last episode of Just the Tip - are you measuring the right things to determine if your podcast is successful? If you are, and your podcast is NOT successful, then recognizing that is the first step. 

Next, you have to determine if pivoting your podcast focus will do a better job of attracting your ideal client. Or, if there is a better way to serve your existing audience. 

If your podcast is not serving your ideal client, it’s not serving your business. 

Many podcasters resist the pivot. They’re worried about losing audience members who they worked so hard to attract. Keep in mind, if podcast is a marketing tool, there is no point in continuing to market to people who will never be customers. 

Pivoting your podcast may seem like a daunting task. In this episode, I give two examples of podcast hosts who saw the need to shift their podcast and successfully pulled it off. 

In some cases, a podcast pivot goes hand in hand with pivoting your business. You might be niching down or you might be adjusting the products or services you offer your target market. If this is the case, your podcast (which can be a huge marketing asset) should be part of this shift. 

Pivoting can make your podcast more effective and more satisfying. For some of my clients, it has been essential for the growth of their business and their show.

But, for a podcast pivot to be successful it has to be intentional and it has to be done right. In my next episode, I’ll cover how to pull off an effective podcast pivot. 

In the meantime, click play to find out if a podcast pivot should be in your future. 

Oh, you already listened? That was fast. And, you’re still not sure? Hit me up for a free 15-minute coaching call. We’ll assess your situation and answer that great existential question - to pivot or not to pivot. 

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