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089 How to Pivot Your Podcast and Get Results

Oct. 8, 2019

If my last podcast left you feeling like, ‘hot damn, I need to pivot!’ then let’s make sure you pivot right. In this episode, I cover how to do it and not eff it up. 

In case you missed my last episode (how COULD you!) on determining if you should pivot your podcast, you might want to go back and give it an ear before listening to this one. 

Now, if you KNOW you need to pivot (or you might in the future), this episode is going to help you do it successfully and rolling in happy, super-engaged fans in no time. 


Step 1

Step one in pivoting a podcast is determining why. Why isn’t your podcast performing? Are you talking to the wrong people, are you sharing the wrong things, or are you just sucking. 

Look, I’m not trying to be a jerk. The fact is, you need to be honest about why your podcast is failing if you’re going to do any better after the pivot. So, park the old ego and dig into your what went wrong. 

A good place to look is at your analytics. Check out the most popular topics, look at what makes them stand out (the topic, the time, the guest?).  Look everywhere for clues about why your podcast is underperforming. 


Step 2

Step two in pivoting your podcast is to ask. Find out from your audience what they want more of. Start a conversation with them about the shift on your social media channels and through your newsletter list. 

Whaaaat?!? You don’t have social media or an email list. Ummm… respectfully, you might want to rethink this pivot and put your energy into this fantastic new tactic called marketing. Seriously, you might already have the most baller podcast out there so don’t change it until you give people a real chance to find it! Go forth and spread the word!

Okay, back to the pivot. 


Step 3

Step three is to determine what you’re going to change? Take into consideration your:

  • Promise
  • Format (solo, co-hosts, interview, clips, etc)
  • Structure (length, section, etc)
  • Show elements (name, music, intro, extro, etc)
  • CTA
  • Show Assets (description, category, show art, logos, taglines, website, etc)


Step 4

Step four is to come up with a plan for the pivot. Will it be a slow evolution of what you’re already doing, a hard left or something in between. Will you do a soft, gentle shift over time. Or, will you hit them with it all of a sudden. Are you going to gently peel off the bandaid one hair at a time or rip it in one swift motion? 

Your decision will determine your step-by-step plan for the pivot. I cover how to do each in this episode. So, give it a listen and get it right. 


Pivot with purpose and intention. 

Remember what I always say - your podcast is not for you, it’s for your audience. So, think about them when you are deciding all of these things and don’t be wishy-washy. Take care of them, keep them informed, and make them happy. When you do that, they will share your new and improved podcast even more. But, if it feels like you don’t know where you’re going or like you’re trying to pull a fast one on them, they’ll dump your ass. 

Be good to your listener through the pivot process. 

You may lose some listeners (and that’s okay), but make sure you keep the ones you’re trying to attract in the first place. Pivot with them in mind. 


Let’s Talk About Your Podcast

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