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091 This One Tip Will Make You a Much Better Interviewer

Nov. 5, 2019

Hands up if you start your podcast with a question like, ‘How did you get started?’ You, with your hand up, this one’s for you. 

There are many variations of this lazy first question but the main similarity is that the podcast host wants to start at the beginning. They want to share their guests story from the point of origin. 

Ba or ing!

As a listener, I don’t care enough about this guest yet. I don’t know why it would matter where he went to highschool, or the first time she wrote a story, or their first kiss. And chances are, your podcast is not about any of this stuff. (If it is, then, carry on… you’re killing it).

I’ll say it again for the millionth time. Your podcast is for your listener. Not you. Not your guest. Your listener. 

So, don’t make them sit through someone’s biography or resume before you get to what’s relevant to them. 

Give them gold right out of the gate. 

I’m not saying that you can’t cover the ‘early days’ stuff, I’m saying weave it in when it’s relevant and AFTER you’ve established that this guest is worth learning a little more about. Their start or beginning will mean so much more once your listener has context (and gives a crap about them). 

Planning an interview in chronological order is fine. Small ‘f’ fine. As in, mediocre. As in, you can do better. I CHALLENGE you to do better. 

Start strong. Jump around a little. Let your interview fall through a timewarp and bring up the early stuff as it relates to the later stuff. This isn’t a marathon where you have to start at the beginning and make your way painfully to the finish. You get to jump in half way through, then take the subway to the finish line then head back to the start and maybe take a short cut to the third water station. 

You get to map out your own route. 

Yes, this is a more advanced interview technique. Yes, it will take a bit more work than just laying it all out chronologically. But yes, it will make you a better podcaster interviewer. 

Your podcast is not a 5th grade biography on your guest so don’t treat it like that. (Unless it is, in which case cool, project, carry on… you’re killing it).

Get creative. Serve your listener. Be a better podcaster. I challenge you to time-warp your interview flow. 

If you accept my challenge - send me proof. Drop a link to your non-linear, time-warping podcast interview in any of my social media feeds or contact me through my website. 

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