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092 Why Niche Podcasts are Killing it Right Now

Nov. 19, 2019

You want a big audience, right? Big audience means big success, right? What if I told you that you could be way more successful if you focused on a small audience? A niche audience?


In this week’s episode of Just the Tip, I share a case study of a podcaster who went from having a general podcast about business (not that many people were listening to) to having a niche podcast that is killing it. 


You know that analogy about the small fish in a big pond vs the big fish in a small pond?


Yeah, I hate that one too. I’m not going to use it. 


I have a better analogy. Be the podcaster who does one thing really well instead of the podcaster who does a whole bunch of things really mediocre. Be a specialist not a generalist. 


People want the specialist.  


You know, like getting flowers for your wife from a florist instead of the grocery store. Or, getting your coffee from a cafe instead of the gas station. 


My point is, niching is powerful. You may be serving a smaller audience, but it's a better audience. An audience who really wants to hear what you have to say. 


My real life example comes from Jamie Irvine (a podcaster I met through my free 15-minute coaching offer). When we met, he had a business podcast for entrepreneurs promoting his business coaching services. 


Sound familiar? 


Jamie has a whole lot of business experience in selling heavy duty parts to the trucking industry. He thought he could leverage his business knowledge and success as a coach. 


Here’s what he learned. His podcast was one of thousands of business podcasts. And, while he did have some regular listeners, the show was not cutting through the clutter of similar podcasts. He could have stuck it out. He could have worked really hard at getting noticed. Eventually, he might have built his audience up to make the small percentage of people who would hire him worth it. But, it’s a volume game. 


Instead, he created a new podcast that was a whole lot more niche and a lot more directly related to the business he was already successful in. 


The Heavy Duty Parts Report


Talk about niche. And, he’s killing it. He doesn’t need an audience of thousands. Because he is literally the only game in town; he can easily establish himself as an authority in the space. And, it’s no longer a volume game. It’s a value game. A quality game. A freakin-easy-to-win game. 


Click on this week’s episode and find out what inspired him to move to a niche market, how he handled the transition, and what advice he’d give himself if he could go back and do it all again. 


If you’re wondering whether a more niche podcast is right for you, let’s talk about it. Hit me up for a FREE 15-minute coaching call. It could completely change the game for you - just like it did for Jamie. 

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