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096 How to Get Out of Podcast Launch Paralysis

Jan. 14, 2020

You’ve decided to do a podcast. You’ve recorded a couple of episodes. And then you re-recorded them. And now, they’re sitting their collecting digital dust because you don’t know if they’re good enough. Sound familiar? You’ve got Podcast Launch Paralysis. 

First of all - it’s common. At least half of my coaching clients are dealing with this. It might stem from anxiety of it not being perfect, fear of putting yourself out there, or straight-up self-esteem issues. It doesn’t matter why, the fact is you’re stuck in perpetual launch. 

In this episode of Just the Tip, I give you the quintessential checklist to determine if you’re ready to launch. If your episode (or first three episodes) have these 3 things, you can rest assured that your podcast is good enough to launch. 


Here’s what you need to be sure of in order to get your podcast out into the world. 


  • Audio Quality


The audio of your podcast has to be listenable. By this, I mean that the quality of your audio has to meet a bare minimum. It can’t distract the listener from your message (or worse, hurt the listener’s ears). Not sure if you audio quality it good enough? Start by learning HOW to listen to your podcast and then determine if you’ve hit the bare minimum of quality. Can you check this off your list? Let’s move on. 


  • Audience-Centric


I talk about this all the time because it is essential - you much be audience-centric! Here’s how you can determine if you are. Listen to the podcast in question and ask yourself, what’s in it for the listener. If you can’t answer that or if the answer is, ‘not much’ then you do need to do better. Your podcast is for your listener. If you aren’t bringing value, then it’s not good enough. But, before you freak out - remember that not every podcast episode has to be the golden ticket to listener bliss. Just make sure that there’s value, that they have a take away, that you haven’t wasted their time. Yes? Okay, it’s time for the final check-point!


  • Aligned with your Business


Despite your podcast’s absolute, undeniable need to be listener-centric, it also has to serve you and your business. If you are podcasting as a way to increase the visibility of your business, to build brand awareness, or to grow your authority, then you need to make sure that your launch episode(s) are aligned with that purpose. Does it serve your ‘why’? Is it on-brand? Have you created an episode with intention? Then, check this one off the list. 

Now, if you’ve gone 3/3 then give yourself a high five and hit publish. You’re podcast-worthy.

Still wavering? Still got that gross knot in your stomach? Good - that means you care. It means your audience and your business matter to you. That is exactly why you need to get your podcast out there. You’ve got something to share. Don’t keep it to yourself just because it’s not perfect

Perfection is a myth!


Confidence comes with clarity. Today, you’ve gotten clear on the most important 3 elements of your podcast. You can be confident that you’re ready. 

Remember, you don’t just have one crack at this. Most launches include a trailer and 3 episodes. This gives potential listeners ample opportunity to get a really good sense of what you have to offer. It’s not all hinging on one episode! 


So, get over it and get on with it. 


Still not sure. Wow. That was some of my best cheerleading. I hate to say it but you might need some professional help. Good news. I’m a professional podcast coach and I’d be happy to work with you. 

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