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098 - How to Stand Out in a Sea of Podcasts

Feb. 11, 2020

Picture a sandbox. A good sized sandbox. Now, bend down and pick up some sand. Now, single out one grain. That’s your podcast in the podcast universe and it’s getting more and more crowded every day. How will you avoid getting lost? How will you stand out? 


This might seem like an insane analogy. It’s not. According to Chartable, 294,736 new podcasts jumped into the podcast sandbox last year. Yep, that’s more than a quarter of a million podcasters with the most amazing podcast idea. 


Just like you.


Or, are you different? 


Whether you haven’t started your podcast or you already have a podcast, it’s hard not to be intimidated by this monstrous number. It’s hard not to think about how big that number will grow in 2020 given that the numbers continue to trend UP! 


How about if we agree to take this little bit of insight and use it to inspire us to do better. How about if we treat this whole podcast thing like we give a bleep? 


Okay, now that we’re on the same page, let me share my top three tips for standing out in the swelling sea of podcasts. 


  1. Have a Plan & Purpose! 

If you’re starting a podcast make sure that if you look at the competition, get clear on who you’re creating the podcast for (and probably niche down), align your podcast with your business, and locate that super special place in the podiverse just for you. Already launched? No problem, do those things too and be prepared to pivot if your plan/purpose is ten shades of meh. 

  1. Market like a Mother! 

Oh, hello, marketing. Yes! You need to market your podcast. Now more than ever. I don’t care how perfect your podcast is, if you don’t tell people it exists and where to find it, you will not be crowned Podcast Darling 2020! 

  1. Don’t Suck! 

You’re listening to this podcast, so you’re probably a good distance from sucksville. If you think you may be suffering from suckosis, take advantage of my free 15 minute coaching call. Seriously. I rescue podcasts from suckdom for free. I can’t help myself.


Okay - that’s pretty easy to follow. Are we all feeling a little better now about the ballooning podcast landscape? Good, let’s enjoy some of the best Christmas cake in the world - I got it from that new place in the Christmas cake district. You know the one…


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