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100 The Most Important Lessons Learned in 100 Podcast Episodes

March 10, 2020

100 episodes is a milestone in the world of podcasting. It took me a long time to get here and the road was bumpy. That might seem like a strange thing for a podcast coach to admit but I’m just like you - and I had to learn some lessons the hard way. 

In this special episode of Just the Tip, I break from my usual format to reflect a little on the journey so far, the key lessons I learned as a podcaster and entrepreneur, and how all of that made me a better podcast coach.

Here’s a confession that might surprise you - I almost didn’t make it here. I actually quit my podcast after 37 episodes. Or, so I thought.

The podcast world was not done with me, and as it turned out, the best was yet to come.

When I came back, I had pivoted my podcast and found a way to better serve a more niche audience - entrepreneurs & business owners using podcasting to grow their authority and market their business.

There were three main lessons that I learned that helped me make my podcast worth doing. I share these in depth in this episode, but here they are for your reference. 

Know Your Why

Why you’re podcasting may seem like a simple question, but time and again, I meet podcasters who can’t really answer this question. Getting clear on why I was podcast was a big reason I was able to restart my podcast with more intention. 

Niche, Baby

I’ve dedicated a lot of time in my podcast to why and how to niche because it is a big component of success. This was true for me and it’s been true for all of my clients. Knowing who you are specifically talking to makes it much easier to connect with them through your podcast. 

It Takes Time

Podcasting is a long game - results from your podcast take time.Yes, there are exceptions to this rule. Yes, there are some shortcuts (that you’ll likely have to pay for with no guarantees). But, for the most part, podcasting demands time, commitment and consistency to be effective. 

When you listen back to my past 99 podcasts, I think you’ll hear that these core lessons learned are all apparent in the many tips I share. Here’s to 100 more!

And I hope that’s just the 100 tips you need… otherwise, connect with me to find out how I can help you get your show started right or back on track so that it serves you, your audience, and your business. 



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