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101 Stay in Your Lane When You Podcast

March 24, 2020

I know it’s hard NOT to talk about the Coronavirus. I know it may even seem weird to do a podcast during a global pandemic without it being about this crisis. 

But, I think we can all agree - there are enough people talking about it. So, that’s why in this episode, I explain why you shouldn’t talk about Coronavirus or COVID-19 in your podcast. 

Stay in your lane. Talk about what your podcast is actually ABOUT. 

Now, if you’re a doctor, health care professional or your podcast has always been about infectious diseases then go forth and discuss.  For the rest of us, it’s probably not necessary. 

Think about it this way. Right now, people are full-up on COVID-19 talk. It’s everywhere. Unavoidable. What they really want and need is something else to think about. 

That’s where you can come in. Give them a real taste of what you have to offer with your podcast. If their first listen of your show is wall to wall virus-talk, they won’t really get a sense of how super-fantastic-awesome you are.

I get that you might want to talk about how this outbreak is impacting your niche. And, you might want to give some tips on how people in your niche can respond or survive how this might be interrupting their business. That’s all good. But, one episode. Not a month's worth. 

If you simply must talk COVID, use one of your other outlets like your newsletter, social media, or even create a bonus episode that you can delete later. Because someday (soon, I hope) this will all be in the rearview and you don’t need a bunch of out of place podcasts and confusing the purpose of what you do. 

Stay connected with your fans (especially if you have to take a break) and give them the podcast they came for. 

That’s what they need from you right now. 

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