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102 How to Help Your Listener Take the Next Step

April 7, 2020

Your listener loves your show. You love having listeners who love your show.

The end. 

Is that all you want out of your podcast? A love affair? 

If you’re podcasting for your business or if you have hopes of your podcast being your business, love isn’t going to cut it. 

You need ACTION! But if your listeners don’t know what that action is, they won’t take it. 

Image you’re leading a hike. Everyone meets you at the trailhead. They’re excited as you tell them about the trail ahead, what they’ll see, how many times you’ve hiked it, the history of the trail. Then you bust out your snacks. You offer up your trail mix recipe. People think you’re awesome.

Here’s the problem. People want to start the hike and you haven’t told them which way to go. You haven’t given them a map. You haven’t even pointed them in the right direction. They’re all just hanging out. Sure, they’re having a good time but YOU. ARE. ALL. GETTING. NOWHERE!

Don’t do this with your podcast! Be the guide. Tell them how to get started on their journey with you. 

So, let me ask you a question that I ask everyone who connects with me for one of my free 15-minute coaching sessions... 


What do you want your listeners to DO after listening to your podcast?


Don’t feel bad if you aren’t sure. A lot of the people I talk to aren’t sure. 

But, you should figure this out. What you want them to do - that next step you want them to take - is going to seriously impact what your podcast is all about! 

Let me give you a hint - it probably has something to do with engagement which probably has something to do with converting. 

You might want them to convert from a passive listener to a subscriber, from a subscriber to a fan on social media, from a fan to a customer, from a customer to a raving lunatic of a promoter of your show… you get the picture. 

So, what is the next step you want them to take? Once you figure that out - make sure you TELL THEM. 

Don’t assume it’s obvious. You have to tell them what to do and how to do it. You have to have a call to action.

That could be to subscribe, follow you on social media, download something from your website, or work with you.

Whatever it is, you have to invite them to take that next step. 

Not sure what that looks like for your show? Maybe you don’t have a show yet and you want to make sure you start right by KNOWING what the listener’s next step should be? 


Take this step: Book a free 15-minute coaching call with me


We’ll figure it out together.

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