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105 How Barf Sessions Make You a Better Podcaster

May 19, 2020

Did you ever test your dance moves using a broom? Make out with a pillow? Tryout your pickup lines in the mirror (finger guns and all)?

Rehearsing is a natural way to get ready for big steps in your life. So, why do so many newbie podcasters think they can turn on their mics and spew gold the first time. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret (hold on to your ego) YOU CAN’T. Nobody can. 

There are a lot of steps to launching a podcast successfully (I outline 9 in my Concept to Casting program) and one of them is to REHEARSE. 

If you’ve recorded ‘episodes’ of your podcast and you cringe when you listen back, or you’ve filed them neatly away and conveniently put off launching for a million other reasons (but know deep down it’s because you sound like crap) - you’re not alone!

Stepping up to the mic for the first time can be intimidating and may induce performance anxiety. We know how we want to sound in our heads but it doesn’t quite come out like that. 

Maybe you realize that you hate the sound of your own voice (so you try to put on a ‘radio voice’ and discover that it sounds fake and kinda hurts your throat). Maybe you’re stumbling over what to say. Maybe you interviewed someone and talked all over them or just booted the interview around. Or, maybe you scripted it all out carefully and ended up sounding like a robot. 


I’ve heard it all. 


When I work with new podcasters in my Concept to Casting Podcast Launch Program, I get them to do what I call a ‘barf session’ or two. This is simply opening the mic and letting it all out. Just trying whatever. This really helps them get over the intimidation and get comfortable behind the mic.

After these sessions, we continue to rehearse until they find their voice, get competent with the technical side of things, and get to the point where they can focus on delivering gold to the listener. This can take many, many rehearsals! 

This isn’t just for solo shows. If you’re planning on doing an interview show, make sure you rehearse interviewing with someone. If you have a co-host, practice together!  

And if you can’t tell whether your rehearsals are improving your performance, get a second set of ears on it. 

The point is, not rehearsing is like trying to run before you can walk - chances are, you’re going to fall flat on your face. And, so is your podcast. 

Barf it out! You’ll feel better, perform better and start your podcast sounding like someone people should listen to. 

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