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106 Shit Happens. And, It Makes you a Better Podcaster

June 2, 2020

How did you picture podcastland before you started? Did you dream of being a magical podcaster who never makes any mistakes? Welcome to the real world. 

Sure, all new podcasters know that they have a lot to learn (at least they should!) but most think that after a short time they will have learned what they needed and move on to making podcasts with ease with only pimple-sized bumps in the road. 

If you’ve been podcasting for any amount of time, you know this is not true. And if you think that other podcasters have it easy and never face challenges, I’m here to tell you *buzzer sound* you are not alone! 

In this episode, I invite you to play a little podcaster bingo with me. Let me list a few common ways we eff-up as podcasters and let’s see who gets a bingo first. 

Join in as we review the heart-stopping, I’m-going-to-quit, curse-inducing mistakes podcasters face. 


If you’re just starting out (or you haven’t yet) this should be an eye-opener. If you’ve been at this for longer than a minute, this episode will hopefully remind you that as a podcaster, you’re human. And, that’s okay. 

In fact, it’s great because that’s how we grow as podcasters! 

So, whether you think you're perfect or you know you’re a hot mess, this episode is your reality check. 

Correct me if I’m wrong - after all, I can’t sit here telling you that you can make mistakes if I can’t make ‘em too! 

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