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111 Should You be Bulk Producing Your Podcast?

Aug. 11, 2020

Are you still producing one podcast at a time? Stop the madness!

Bulk producing can save you time and make your podcast more consistent. 


If you’ve never heard of bulk producing before, it’s simply creating your podcast in groups instead of one at a time. You know, like buying a month’s worth of chicken wings at once or getting a month’s worth of good-morning kisses in one makeout session. (update: my wife has just informed me that kisses are not an acceptable thing to optimize through bulking). Let’s bring it back to creating your podcast.  

If you release a podcast every week, then instead of writing, recording, editing, uploading and doing marketing each week, you would do a week’s worth of producing in a few dedicated days a month. 

While it may seem on the surface like this will all equal the same amount of time, it actually saves you time because you get into the zone of each activity and can say in the grove for longer. 

If you have a show with a co-host or if you have an interview show, then this will require some co-ordinating. But, it will be worth it. 

I’ve had several clients implement bulk producing and it does save them time but it also makes their show more consistent and well thought out. 

One caution with bulk producing is that you have to make sure you have the vocal stamina to pull it off. If you have a long show or if your voice doesn’t have good endurance, then you may not want to do an entire month of shows in a day. You can still buk produce twice a month and reap the benefits. 

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