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114 Is Your Podcast an Enormous Disappointment to Your Listeners?

Sept. 22, 2020

Nobody likes to be duped. It’s no fun being let down. Everyone wants to get what they came for. So, are you disappointing your listeners by not living up to your own hype?

Have you heard the term catfishing? It’s that thing where people use a picture of someone else or them 20 years (and 50 pounds) ago on their dating profile to attract the very best mate. Perhaps they’re delusional and think that they’re winning personality will win over this person they’ve just hoodwinked into a date. 

Newsflash - nobody wins. The catfisher looks like a grade A dink and the catfishee is filled with disappointment at best and total disillusionment with the scene at worst. Either way - nobody is getting laid. 

So, what does this have to do with podcasting? Let me ask you, have you ever seen a cool logo for a show and thought, ‘that looks good’? Or, read the description and thought, ‘this show is right up my alley!’? Or, maybe you’ve even given a show a click and been seduced by a slick, professionally produced intro? And then… the disappointment comes in. 

Well meaning podcasters are catfishing listeners and nobody wins. Because, let’s face it - with a million podcasts (I’m not talking figuratively, there are A MILLION) out there, nobody is going to give a show a second chance if they feel like they’ve been sold a bill of goods that the show itself couldn’t live up to. 


Are you doing this? 


Is your show art representative of your actual show? Does your show description describe what you actually deliver? Does your intro match the quality and energy of your actual show? Are you using click-bait style titles for your episodes just to get someone to click play? 

You are not doing yourself a favor! Nobody wants to be let down. 

I’m not saying get crappier show art or get rid of your awesomely produced intro. I’m saying STEP UP! Why don’t you try living up to all that gloss? Why not serve your listener the show they so eagerly came to hear? 

Your show will be better and your date, ehr, listener will be happy that they actually got what they came for. 

Need help getting your show to live up to all that shiny, sparkly cover? 

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