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116 What to do When Your Podcast Audience Wants More

Oct. 20, 2020

Your audience loves you. They just can’t get enough. They want more and more content from you. 

It’s a good problem to have, but make no mistake it can still be a problem. 

“Even podcasters that are doing well still need help!” This was the last line of an email I got from Jamie Irvine, host of The Heavy Duty Parts Report

I shared his podcast journey into the world of super-niching in episode 92 and this week, I got another update email from him. He’s still killing it and his business is growing. In fact, his niche audience is starting to spread to people who are outside of the very small niche of heavy duty truck parts guys. 

And, that’s where the challenges come from. Jamie wrote about all of the other content he’s been creating to serve these fans from outside of his niche. The podcast has attracted them but they want more information about stuff that just doesn’t fit into the promise of his original podcast concept. 

He’s happy to provide it but the line between what fits into the podcast and what’s outside it are getting blurry. 

Essential, he wrote to ask me if I thought he should broaden his podcast to include these new avatars, if he should create a new podcast for them, or if he should keep serving them on the side like he is now. 


Spoiler alert - he’s a pretty smart guy! Listen to the podcast to find out my advice for Jamie!


If you find yourself in the same boat of contemplating a podcast pivot to be more broad in order to serve a larger (demanding) audience. Congratulations… but before you pivot, consider these questions:

  • Will your loyal audience (the ones who helped you grow) lose interest when you broaden the scope?
  • Will your show lose it’s magic?
  • Will you be unable to keep your promise to your audience? And, if your podcast is a marketing tool for your business...
  • Will your new expanded podcast take away from your business goals (likely to grow your authority, attract quality leads, and sell with ease)?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then you might not want to mess with a good thing. 

Remember, your podcast is just the jumping off point for your business - it’s not meant to give them everything they need. You WANT them to seek you out beyond the podcast. That’s how you turn a listener into a fan and a fan into a customer - just like Jamie is doing. 

Speaking of Jamie - did you know that I met him when he took me up on my free 15-minute call? It was a free coaching call and it was on that call that we first hatched the idea that he should go super-niche. And look at him now. Wouldn’t you like to be like Jamie? 

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