#destinytruthcast: A Destiny Podcast

#dtc Episode 46: Grenades. They're Meant to Kill Ya.

April 16, 2017

Welcome to episode 46 of the #destinytruthcast where you the community join us in talking all things Bungie and Destiny. Today RedWingGirl and I welcome bnet community guests erakis1 and skAnarkist to the podcast. Today's topics include: -Guest spotlights -Iron Banana -LAAAAAG -Loot/motivations -What weapons are you seeing people use this go-round? -Grenades, Who knew they're supposed to kill? -Raids -Challenge mode thoughts -Ammo -Where the f*** is all the armor? -Post of the week -Favorite moments of the week Once again thank you to eralis1 amd skAnarkist for joining us today and we thank you for listening and participating on the forums. We can be found on twitter @dstinytruthcast and online at www.destinytruthcast.com As always, if you'd like to be on a future podcast, message us and let us know your thoughts on the game and what you think would be an important topic to come on and discuss. We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to hear more voices on the next episode :) Theme song: Convince Us Artist: Swell Album: Whenever You're Ready

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