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Vic Firth HingeStix® Practice Drumsticks

March 16, 2014

The Vic Firth HingeStix® force drummers to hold their drumsticks correctly. Adjustable plastic swivel pads position the thumb, index finger and middle finger for the perfect fulcrum. The exact balance point is achieved every time the player picks up these sticks. Additionally, the player will develop proper finger technique and learn to feel the natural rebound of the drumstick. This all results in a smooth and relaxed approach to playing with no fear of hand fatigue. Holding the sticks incorrectly is impossible with the unique design of the HingeStix® Practice Drumsticks!

HingeStix® are offered in two of the world’s most popular models: American Custom® SD1 and American Classic® 5A. For each model, two plastic swivel pads unscrew and can be adjusted to a secondary hole location. This allows the player to choose the balance point that best suits the size of their hand.

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