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Aug. 7, 2006

oh, hello again & thanks for coming back. its been a while now hasn't it... i got busy with my summer parties. anyways, it looks like i might be back in the swing of things... it's still summer so having drinks on patios might still interrupt the shows, but we'll let the chips fall where they may. that load of nonsense said enjoy the show... the intro this time is a bit of a frantic message left by my friend who was concerned about my welfare after the authorities busted our party. i really was locked in a room for about two hours. crazy. lots of good music once again... the djuma soundsystem track is the shit! the carl craig tracks are also a couple winners. but yeah... enjoy the show & the rest of the summer! show no. 88 gani's 'locked in the closet' mix. posted august 7th, 2006. 01. 'i heard you're locked in a closet...' 02. intro 03. syclops - the fly - tirk 04. bola belo - dem people go (dennis ferrer's kicked out mix) - king street sounds 05. mahala rai banda bucovina - mahalageasca (bucovina dub) - atlantic jaxx 06. agora rhythm - my vision - sonar kollektiv 07. fish go deep - the cure & the cause feat. tracey k (dennis ferrer remix) - defected 08. djuma soundsystem - les djinns (trentemoller remix) - get physical music 09. rhythm & sound - poor people must work feat. bobbo shanti (carl craig remix) - burial mix 10. trickski - at les (carl craig cover) - sonar kollektiv 11. phonique - bee (alexander maier & john disco remix) - fine records 12. booka shade - darko - get physical music 13. akabu - phuture bound (ame remix) - z records neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.