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Purpose 138: Challenger Disaster Part 2

Feb. 13, 2019

You’re in for a treat as we feature Part 2 of our conversation with Nathan VonMinden and Cameron Arnett. If you haven’t heard Part 1, then go back and take a listen. Nathan, an aerospace engineer turned movie producer, and Cameron, an actor who is in ministry to have an impact for faith, teamed up to tell the story of the Challenger Disaster. The film, The Challenger Disaster, tells the true story of a few angry men who tried to stop Challenger from launching on that fateful January day, knowing the risk to their jobs and livelihoods. Nathan explains how, ironically, there is no “script” to independently producing a film, and securing funding for this kind of project is a feat in itself. The Challenger story is one that “haunted” Nathan, kept him up at night, and turned him into an obsessive researcher. The product of more than 8 years of research, the movie conveys the message that all human life is valuable, an extremely relevant topic in society today. Check out our resources section to see how you can catch this movie!



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