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Ep 17: Mastering The Art Of The Cold Email

Sept. 28, 2016

On this episode, I'm sharing the art of reaching out to potential collaborators, customers and clients via the cold email. While many of many of my guests are people I know or have met, 50% of the women I interview on my podcast were complete strangers before I reached out to them via email. In this episode I’m sharing the art of writing enticing cold emails that get responses. Here are some of my key tips:


  1. Preparation
    1. Do your research - Google, social media
    2. Consider what’s in it for them
    3. Eliminate words like, “pick your brain” from your vocabulary
    1. Keep a Google doc with your email templates and tweak for each individual outreach
    2. Revise as you learn what works
  2. Start a Template Document
    1. Make sure every person you reach out to knows why you appreciate their work and the value  the collab would bring
    2. Be prepared to GIVE before you get
    3. Make it EASY for them to collaborate. Propose dates and times (hello, Calendly!) and offer to work around their schedule.
  3. The outreach


If you want my exact email templates that I’ve used to reach out to the likes of Luvvie and Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick, sign up for my email list at


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