song 152 : Boulevard in My Backyard (Cat Cult: The Origins of Lucid Nation)

June 23, 2006

Hollywood Boulevard was one of the songs Columbia picked out so Ronnie revamped it into this new song with a completely different loose and funky feel. Check out The Doors-y keyboard part he threw in.

I like the lines:
“We tore down the jungle to put a street up
keep making it wider and longer
so we can drive and never stop
chicken hawks and stone faced cops
tail lights streaming red
pizza after midnight
see where Caesar bled.

“Some walk through like angels
Untouched and unafraid
Past shopping cart apartments
And pavement beds like graves
Everybody’s got a mission, a scam or a crusade
Some it seems never leave like ghosts that slowly fade

I wrote the lines:
“stuck on a fault in here
under fire out there”
and later used them for the Lucid Nation song Landmark (The Stillness of Over, Public Domain).

Listen to the song: Click Here

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