song 165 : Ways Across (Cat Cult: The Origins of Lucid Nation)

July 16, 2006

I wrote the music for Ronnie’s lyrics about patience overcoming violence at a time when AC/DC and Muddy Waters were all I would listen to.

“Backed into a corner of mirrors
You got only yourself to blame
Change is original sin
When you play the sacrifice game
Sometimes you find it even in your family
Like being at the mercy of Nazi charity

“Baby, ain’t no need for suicide or murder
there’s always a way across
if you walk a little further
you gotta walk a little further
you will find ways across.”

You’ll notice that Ronnie at the time had a bad case of baby-itis. Almost every song gets at least one “baby”. It reminds me of a story I was told about the guy who sang for horrible hit band Foreigner. He had “hey-itis”. He had to sing “hey” at least twice in every song, and sometimes he’d add a “hey” after every line. Finally the producer said one more “hey” and you’re fired. That was the cure. Ronnie required nothing so drastic.

Listen to the song: Click Here

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