Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Full Show (Lakers vs. Mavs, Rodgers vs. Brady, D-Rose, Draymond Green)

Nov. 1, 2018

- Should the Lakers feel discouraged after narrowly beating the Mavs? (00:14) - Does Aaron Rodgers think Tom Brady is the GOAT? (23:51) - Can Derrick Rose get back to being star? (37:32) - Is Steph Curry on his way to the NBA's Mount Rushmore? (48:46) - How should the Lakers feel after their win against Dallas? (59:53) - Is Brady/ Rodgers similar to Montana/Montana? (1:11:52) - Chris Broussard on Derrick Rose's 50-point performance. (1:24:14) - Shawne Merriman weighs in on the Brady vs. Rodgers debate. (1:33:38) - Why was Draymond Green so fired up on Wednesday night? (1:43:59) - Should Matt Patricia be scolding reporters? (1:51:38) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.