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Live EP.01 – Peter Attia, M.D. [Invest Like the Best]

March 27, 2018

This week’s episode was the first one that I’ve recorded live. It was the second dinner in what I expect to be a long series where I bring together 30 people from a variety of backgrounds to discuss an interesting and emerging topic, whether that be cryptocurrencies, health, cannabis investing, or some other compelling, emergent thing. 

My guest, for the second time on the podcast, is Peter Attia, who has lead one of the more interesting careers I’ve ever come across and who is focused on understanding longevity, health span, and quality of life. We dive into many dimensions of health, scientific research, what we can and cannot learn from evolution and our ancestors, and the 7 primary modalities we should focus on when it comes to our health and well-being. 

Excuse the lack of clear audio quality on some of the audience questions—the ones that are a little difficult to hear are fairly short and I felt it was better to include them for some context. 

As have all of my conversations with Peter, this one has sparked countless subsequent conversations with my wife, my friends, and my colleagues on what is important and how we can change out behavior to improve our quality of life. My partner and sponsor at these events is Peter Tiboris of Strongpoint Wealth Advisors, who with me loves exploring these topics and understanding how they might affect our lives and out portfolios. Thanks to Peter for helping me realize this series in New York City. Now, please enjoy my live conversation with Peter Attia. 

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longevity chart


Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life 


Show Notes

2:07 – (First Question) –  Peter’s career journey that led him to where he is today 

            2:31 – Marvin HAGLER vs Tommy HEARNS: FULL FIGHT 

3:46 – How he thinks about longevity 

4:37 – Peter’s longevity chart 

6:31 – Four things most likely to kill you 

7:47 – The quality of your life in the later part of your life 

9:03 – Four ways he defines health span; cognition, physical dimension, sense of purpose and social support, capacity to cope with distress or distress tolerance. 

10:56 – The problem with clinical studies in analyzing longevity and his mission to get from medicine 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0

12:15 – Medicine 1.0 and major leaps in longevity

13:01 – Medicine 2.0 and clinical trials

14:52 – Medicine 3.0 and personalized medicine 

16:22 – The playbook for living longer 

19:26 - Senescence, the cells that are programmed to do bad things 

22:17 – Understanding our evolutionary needs to learn what as individuals do to increase lifespan and quality of life as it pertains to food, sleep, and movement. 

30:32 – Where evolution doesn’t offer insight into living a better life; mindfulness 

33:27 – What are the changes that Peter has made that he’s been doing the longest and most recently

            33:35 – Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life 

37:54 – Peter’s philosophy on mastery 

40:13 – Audience Question: How does something who seemingly doesn’t take care of themselves seem to be in such good health?

38:38 - Audience Question: Peter’s favorite car to race and how it effects his health 

51:19 – Audience Question: Is the key to life a minimalist lifestyle 

53:54 – Audience Question: the role of the microbiome 

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