Plenty with Kate Northrup

Episode 200: Equitable, Accessible True Health Solutions with Zach Bush, MD, Part 2

Sept. 11, 2020

Our first episode with Zach Bush, MD, "The Solution to the Pandemic You Won't Find in the Mainstream," has been downloaded 4x more than any previous episode we've ever done. We also received some important feedback that we'd missed the mark in going deep enough about the disparity with which COVID-19 is affecting the Black community. We are always listening and wanting to do better, and we knew the criticism was valid. We also knew we wanted to move toward repair, so we asked Dr. Zach to come back for a follow-up interview to unpack the conversation around health solutions (not disease care solutions) that are accessible and equitable related to COVID-19, overall immunity, and optimal health. He was more than willing, so we sat down and recorded, and here it is. Thank you to everyone in our community who took the time to write in, whether your feedback was a rave review of the original episode or an important critique. We're so grateful to be learning and growing alongside you.

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