Jewelry Care by Curt Parker

How to Save Your Rings and Your Fingers

April 1, 2009

Preventative steps to having your rings cut off in the emergency room.

Don't let your rings "grow" onto your fingers. Some people never remove their rings for years and years, and during that time they may gain 50 lbs. or more. The finger literally grows around the ring so that it cannot be removed without machinery.

To prevent this, remove rings before going to bed and put them back on first thing in the morning. If it becomes increasingly difficult to get the ring on the finger, take it to a jeweler and have it sized appropriately. Removing rings at night will have a benefit increasing circulation in your hands and fingers. We suggest you clean your jewelry at this time.

Accidents happen at any time. But don't tempt fate by wearing your rings during activities during which your hands may be injured. Don't wear rings while using heavy machinery or tools, or while playing sports.

Cutting a ring off a finger during a trip to the emergency room may destroy the ring. Sometimes it cannot be repaired. An emergency room crew must accomplish this task as quickly as possible, and uses tools that are effective but brutal to jewelry. If your ring will not come off your finger, even with plain dishwashing liquid, (don’t add water) take yourself to a reputable jeweler, where the ring can be cut off carefully and correctly. This way, the ring can be saved.
If you have enlarged knuckles, we have a solution. Finger Mate hinged shanks can make your rings easy to put on over enlarged knuckles.

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