Reality Steve Podcast

Ep 117 - Interview with Bachelor Nation Author Amy Kaufman

Feb. 14, 2019

(NO SPOILERS) Amy joins me to talk about why she's contemplating breaking up with the show (3:55), meeting Leo last year (5:46), contestants social media history and vetting contestants (7:35), who she interviewed for her book that surprised her (17:44), Elan leaving the show and what possible impact it'll have (22:09), thoughts on Colton's season - no spoilers (25:45), Jason & Kaitlyn (30:50), she asks about my relationship with the show & a brief appearance by my dog, Luka (37:06), why don't more shows have someone spoiling them consistently (46:36), "Bachelorette" talk - no spoilers (50:17), and her losing interesting and not caring as much as she used to (59:45). Then Kaci Campbell joins me to talk about episode 5 of "Temptation Island" (1:20:35).

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