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My Failed Experiment & How Design Thinking Helped Me Develop Failure Immunity: The Last Episode

May 8, 2017

Have you ever failed at something very important to you? If you have, I know what you feel. It sucks, right?
But I guess the more important question I have is: What did you do about it? That’s what we’ll discuss in this season-ender episode of The Purposeful Creative.
This podcast started out as an experiment, and in this episode, I’ll be telling you more of the results of the experiment, what I’ve learned, where I failed, and what I’m going to do about it.
Hopefully, at the end of this episode, you walk away with a new perspective on failure, as well as ideas on how to approach your next project.
This episode is for you if:

Failure scares you, and you find yourself overthinking a lot of things instead of just jumping in and doing it! (That makes a lot of us, am I right?!) 😉

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