Dumb People Town

Jason Mantzoukas - Dibblin’ a Toe In

Aug. 8, 2017

This week, Jason Mantzoukas (The House) tiptoes his way over to Dumb People Town! The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk talk to Jason about his experience working on The House, the inception of his hilarious podcast How Did This Get Made?, and Jason's theory about Nic Cage's acting, before jumping into Story #1, which involves the tale of a stolen toe. Dan shares a heartfelt message from a DPT fan, and the guys talk about being podcast fans themselves. Then it's time for Story #2, in which a paranoid tattletale attempts to catch a neighbor stealing from his mailbox. In Story #3, a store employee is attacked by a stripper pole thief. And to cap off the show, a special voicemail from Nicolas Cage on the 20th anniversary of FACE/OFF.

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