"The Podshow About Nothing"

tpan #068 - Way too Geek!

May 31, 2007

Giddy Up! ***

- Now LIVE on Ustream! (Meeli on Ustream)
- PodTea For Cancer Round-up
- iJustine.tv, once again, productivity lowers
- Moo
- Twitter Mobile
- Jaiku = Your life
- Disappearing from mS
- "Surprise Surprise"
- LiveEat: Snap & Crackle

Shows mentioned: MacBreak Weekly, The Chris Pirillo Show, [email protected], The Lab with Leo.

Music: "If This Geek Ruled The World" by Geoff Smith [PMN]
"Digg The Code" by Geoff Smith [PMN] (Music video by GeekBrief.tv)

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