470 | The Spectrum of Financial Independence | Chris Hutchins

Jan. 1, 2024

In this episode: FI versus FIRE, coast FI, lean FI, tools for FI, the skill of spending, dying with zero, and prioritizing health.

This week we are joined by our friend and host of the “All the Hacks” podcast, Chris Hutchins to discuss the “spectrum” of FI, and all that falls in between. From the evolution of FI over the years, to the changes we’ve made on our respective journeys, and even differentiating terms such as FI versus FIRE and Coast FI, we cover it all! We also found some time to share some tools and resources that can be beneficial to you and your FI journey. While the path to FI allows you to take control of your financials and future, this journey can usher in so many new perspectives and changes that affect all areas of your life! Allowing yourself flexibility and remembering that what you are working towards isn’t just a number or early retirement, but rather a more fulfilling life! 

Chris Hutchins:


  • 1:16 - Introduction
  • 3:19 - FI Versus FIRE
  • 10:11 - Lean FI
  • 17:11 - Coast FI
  • 30:20 - Tools for Tracking FI
  • 41:48 - Optimizing Accounts
  • 47:56 - The Skill of Spending and Dying With Zero
  • 60:12 - Prioritizing Health
  • 70:01 - Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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