FOWL Radio

Our first episode of FOWL Radio!

Jan. 19, 2006

This is our first episode of FOWL Radio, our podcast about language and how to have fun with it.
FOWL, once more, is an acronym for "Fun Of & With Language".
Our podcast is and going to be about Hindi, German and English - in English.
Chris, from Switzerland is interested in Indian culture, Hindi and podcasting.
Simran is a German language student from India interested in Swiss-German and more.
We both hope that we can learn a bit or two from each other and perhaps entertain a bunch of people along the way too.

FOWL Radio 1: Introductions and Euro-English

Our show notes:

In this episode we talk a little about our selves and where we're from and also discuss our plans and ideas for this podcast.
Simran reads out a joke Christian got in a forward about the possibility of there being a Euro-English.

- Theme music by .22.

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Length: 25:24 mins


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